(by 2015-06-19)

(by 2015-07-18)
(from 2015-07-19)
RuleML - Student* 300,- EUR 350,- EUR 450,- EUR
RuleML - Regular 450,- EUR 500,- EUR 600,- EUR
RuleML + RR + FOMI - Student* 300,- EUR 350,- EUR 450,- EUR
RuleML + RR + FOMI - Regular 450,- EUR 500,- EUR 600,- EUR
RuleML + Reasoning Web + RR + FOMI - Student* 550,- EUR 600,- EUR 700,- EUR
RuleML + Reasoning Web + RR + FOMI - Regular 650,- EUR 700,- EUR 800,- EUR
Only Tutorials on August 2nd 100,- EUR
Only FOMI Workshop on August 5th 150,- EUR
Only Reasoning Web Summer School 450,- EUR
Additional Berlin Downtown Tour Ticket on August 1st 30, - EUR
Additional Sightseeing Boat Tour Ticket on August 2nd 45,- EUR
Joint Reception on August 3rd*** 25,- EUR
Joint Dinner on August 5th*** 75,- EUR


Eventbrite - RuleML 2015 - 9th International Web Rule Symposium

*proof of student status must be provided. Please send a copy of your student id to Ralph Schäfermeier <schaef@inf.fu-berlin.de> (schaef@inf.fu-berlin.de).
** RuleML 2015 partners can use their promotion code by clicking on "Enter Promitional Code" at the bottom of the registration form.
***  additional tickets for the dinner and the reception can be booked separately in the CADE registration.

Services included in RuleML participation fee

The following services are included in the RuleML 2015 participation fee:

a. Lunch

The lunch buffet will take place at the Main Conference Restaurant and drinks (juice and water) are included.

b. Coffee Breaks

During RuleML there will be two coffee breaks (morning and an afternoon) every day.

d. Get Together / Meetup at Poster Session

On Tuesday, August 4th, a joint RuleML/RR/RW Get Together / Meetup at the Poster Session will take place. Snacks and drinks will be available and are included.

e. Social Events

Accommodation and Travel

Book your accommodation and plan your travel early.

Visa Support Letter

If you need a letter for obtaining a Visa to Germany, please email Mr. Ralph Schaefermeier the following information:

  • Name and date of birth as it appears on your passport
  • Passport number and country of citizenship
  • If you are the author of any paper accepted for the conference, please provide the title

As soon as you have completed the conference registration and we have received your payment, we will email you a visa support letter in PDF.